Good bye and see you later

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Today is the day and it started at 330am. Twins were a terror to get to sleep last night. They woke up around 9pm and didn't want to go back to bed. Joe used the pull out bed and our massive amount of luggage to corral them. Eventually they went back to sleep. The shuttle picks us up at 430 so we can fly out of Nuremberg at 730. Our day of flying doesn't end until we land in Alexandria at 930pm central time. When our day will finally end with a bed is anyones guess.

The last six years seem to have flown by. I've seen some stuff and met a lot of great people. I need to get off of here before I turn into a ball of tears. There will always be a place in my home for my friends. So keep in touch and know that this isn't good bye, merely an extended see you later.