Short one

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So...... the weekend zoomed by and it wasn't all good. I have pink eye in BOTH eyes. Fun fun

Saturday got rather crazy, leaving it at that, and I spent Sunday recovering.

This is super crazy mass cleaning day because tomorrow we are getting booted to the curbside, well the hotel. 5 days and a wake up to go.

Here we go.

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I've decided to do a start over with this blog, keep it more family oriented. Stampin' up has added a blog feature to the DBWS, so I'll go there for my crafting. (A DBWS is basically a page you can enter the Stampin' Up store from and give me credit for anything you buy.) I may keep some of the links, but if not I'll at least keep the link to my DBWS.

On to the blogging...

Yesterday afternoon the sun decided to shine and the temperature got up to about 58. Today it's supposed to get up into the 60s! Crossing my fingers for that! All of Aiden's friends go to school or a part-day preschool thing. He gets lonely and doesn't know what to do with himself since all his stuff is gone. Sunny days let me kick him out for some run around time.

Aiden is super excited to be moving. He can't wait to go see Papa and Grandma so he can go swimming in the pool and fishing in the Gulf. Aiden still likes his hair short, but he's letting it grow out just a little bit. He is also very excited to go to school in the fall. I think it's a little scary to see how big my baby boy is getting. The next thing I know he'll have a girlfriend and be driving!

He's still over the moon about his brothers though. He tries to play with them, but has to be constantly reminded not to be too rough. Aiden makes funny noises and goofy faces, sometimes right in their faces. But they love it and have a ball when he plays with them.

Ian and Evan are growing by leaps and bounds. Ian is a pound heavier and the doctors say Evan is about a quarter inch taller. Ian started getting teeth first, but Evan has at least 2 more teeth now. They are crawling and pulling up, therefore, getting into everything! It's so funny to compare the amount of hair they were born with and still have to the lack of head covering Aiden had for over a year! The curls are popping up all over now. It's interesting to see curls in brown when I'm so used to seeing them in blonde. Maybe they will turn blonde in the summer sun. It'll be nice to take them outside and see what they think about grass!

I'm so ready to be back in the states. We leave Easter morning and get into Louisiana around 9:30 at night. We are hoping to get settled in a bit before taking leave. I have a neighborhood and floor plan picked out that I hope we can get. We are number 14 out of 46 on the waiting list. We're hoping to be bumped to number one once we get there. I'm not looking forward to staying in single room hotel rooms for very long. So please, oh please bump us to number one!

Another exciting thing about going to the states, other than 24 hour stores, is that we will finally be able to get a puppy. We've put a deposit on a German Shepard puppy due April 12th. We are going to get her from Two River Kennel. Still thinking on a name though. Any suggestions?

I think this has been a pretty good restart. So I'll add one of my favorite pictures of my three munchkins.


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Okay so I really suck at getting on this thing and posting. You already know this though. BUT!!! I'll be flying in to the states on Easter!! Yay, finally back to 24 hour stores! I'm hoping once we get settled in I can make a list of New "House" Resolutions. One of them being to get on here weekly if not daily. Maybe I can make myself a daily schedule and block out some time each day for this, get me focused. Okay twins are fighting so I'm out for now.