Boxes, boxes, and MORE boxes!

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Last Friday we finally got our things delivered. YAY! I'm so excited to have my nice comfy bed back because, even with carpet, the floor is not a bit comfy! Over the weekend Joe and I managed to get quite a few of the boxes emptied out. Some things are just randomly shoved somewhere until shelving can be put up and we need to get a stud finder to do that. Other things are resting comfortably in their new home. I can't wait to get done so I can show after pictures of the house. Still lots of work to do though so I better get back to it! Take care everyone.


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Vacation has been fun. Grandparents have been able to dote on their grandbabies. Aiden has been able to swim in a pool too cold for Mommy. Ian and Evan were able to show off how they've changed and progressed since Christmas. Joe got to swim, grill, drink, fish on the beach, and catch up with his parents poolside. And I got to enjoy it all. I even got to spend a bit of time window shopping for our new house and puppy. Although we mainly window shopped we did score some pieces at an awesome price. From Grandma and Grandpa we got a leather couch and chair, 2 tall, marble topped wrought iron end tables, and a short, marble top wrought iron coffee table. Super excited for the solid oak dining table, 6 chairs, and a china cabinet/hutch we got. We also got Aiden an All-in-One bed with trundle and 2 mattresses. It's got cubbies, a 'crawl through' closet, 7 drawers, and a spot for a t.v. or computer with pull out keyboard shelf.

Today also happens to be my sixth anniversary! Joe and I are going to see Clash of the Titans in 3D then dinner at The Fish House. Maybe we can squeeze in some more window shopping or just a quiet walk with only the two of us. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Week of relaxation in Florida!

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Signed for the house on Tuesday and spent the day yesterday driving to Grandma and Pawpa's. Aiden was so excited to be coming for a visit. He spent some time in the pool goofing around with Pawpa. No idea what the plans are for today, but since the rest of the week has been so productive it doesn't really matter!

A picture of the house is below for a peek. To see more head over to Facebook. I'm so excited that the house has one floor, carpets, and closets that I don't care if it's a tad small. Type at you later!

We made it!

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Our total travel time was about 27 hours, but we're finally here and were lucky enough to get a house our first day. It's got closets and carpet and only one floor so it's good enough for me! Hoping to get pictures up in the next day or two on facebook. Maybe I'll pop a few on here too. Joe and I have phones and have an appointment to get internet and such once we get back from Florida. Gotta go for now, Evan is being Mr. Fussypants today. Get hold of me on facebook if you want my number!

Good bye and see you later

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Today is the day and it started at 330am. Twins were a terror to get to sleep last night. They woke up around 9pm and didn't want to go back to bed. Joe used the pull out bed and our massive amount of luggage to corral them. Eventually they went back to sleep. The shuttle picks us up at 430 so we can fly out of Nuremberg at 730. Our day of flying doesn't end until we land in Alexandria at 930pm central time. When our day will finally end with a bed is anyones guess.

The last six years seem to have flown by. I've seen some stuff and met a lot of great people. I need to get off of here before I turn into a ball of tears. There will always be a place in my home for my friends. So keep in touch and know that this isn't good bye, merely an extended see you later.

One Last Hurrah

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Its Friday afternoon which means I'll be flying high in two more wake ups. After six years I am ready for a change. I'll miss the friends I have made though. We've had a lot of good nights out back around the fire. Our coolest fire night wasn't that long ago. It was raining out, but that didn't stop us. Joe and Ela moved the fire table around front and we burned under the porch. The warmth of the fire mixed with the sound of rain was both refreshing and soothing. It was the perfect ending to a less than perfect day. I love my friends and I'm sad to say good-bye. We're gonna have one last fun packed night tonight. So lets have an awesome night and leave it at "See you later."